video production

Capture everything - Frame live or in post.

... And live 360 video

Conventional and VR video production in one system.

Introducing Studio.One

AZilPix Studio.One is a multi-camera video capture and production system enabling immersive broadcasting of complex events, at low operational cost.

Ultra high-res video capture

Up to six 12-megapixel cameras with wide angle or fish eye lenses per server capture an event completely from multiple angles.

Virtual camera concept

The Studio.One server computes multiple simultaneous rectified or panoramic virtual cameras from any input camera in real-time live or in post-production. Pan-tilt-roll-zoom each virtual camera as if it were 360 video.

Low operational cost

No need to follow the action all the time when capturing an event : everything gets captured anyways. As a result, as few as a single operator can capture complex events. Post-production is a single person job as well.

Intuitive and powerful

Studio.One operation is easy to learn, intuitive and stimulates creativity. Create a unique visual language by framing in post-production.

360 and panoramic Video

Stitchless 6K VR, or custom rigs with best-in-class stitching. 24/7 operation and live multi-cam on a single server. Studio.One allows simultaneous live VR & convential video production with a single system, crew and workflow.

Take Control

Studio.One is an open system with well documented APIs, made to integrate in your production environment. It can be controlled remotely if operator acces to the event site is undesirable, e.g. medical surgery operations.

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Use AZilPix Studio.One for music festivals, concert halls, performing arts, TV shows, visual radio, regional sports, college events, houses of worship, conferences, parliaments, medical training, high-end surveillance and anywhere professional multi-camera video production is desired at low operational cost.



Studio.One consists of ultra-high resolution wide-angle cameras connected to one or multiple servers running our software.
  • Up to 4096x2880 pixels resolution
  • Progressive, global shutter, APS‐C sensor size
  • 12 stops dynamic range
  • 10 bits per pixel, raw pixel data
  • 60dB SNR
  • Color calibrated
  • 86x86x112mm robust 3mm thick black anodized aluminium body, customizable
  • Camera power, synchronization, control and data over standard HD-SDI cabling with BNC connector
  • 30fps up to 130meter, 60fps over 30 meter coax. Double frame rate with dual link. Up to 180fps in quad-link configuration (on request).
  • Lens power and control (iris and focus) over Ethernet (neutrik ethercon connector)
  • High quality canon EF photography lenses
  • Calibrated (distortion, vignetting)
  • Active lens adaptor enabling remote control of lens iris and focus over ethernet via the camera
  • Replacable IR/UV cut filter
  • Adjustable back focal distance
  • Support for other lens mounts can be developed on request
Capture unit hardware
  • 4U 19 inch rack mount server
  • 48cm short depth, mountable in standard AV industry 60x60cm footprint 19 inch rack cases
  • typical power consumption 400W
  • no moving parts except fans
  • Powerful GPU card
  • 4 independent DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort full-HD or UHD video outputs
  • 4 camera links by default, 2 or 8 possible
  • Optional uncompressed raw video storage on internal SSD RAID
  • Optional uncompressed raw video storage on external Direct Access Storage unit
  • Synchronisation and time stamping via SMPTE LTC and camera trigger unit
  • Professional audio I/O card: balanced analog+AES3+SPDIF+8xADAT. Other options on request.
Capture unit hardware
  • Processes up to 8 physical camera inputs into 9 rectilinear or equirectangular virtual camera views
  • Mosaic view + 3 independent full HD or single UHD edit/program outputs
  • Physical camera control: lens iris and focus, exposure, white balance, color calibration, lens correction
  • Virtual camera control: pan/tilt/roll/zoom (geometrically and radiometrically undistorted), shading
  • Physical and virtual camera presets with smooth transitions facilitating live production
  • Virtual camera key-frame animation in post production
  • Real-time live 6K 360 and panoramic video
  • Real-time image processing including low level sensor corrections, Bayer demosaicking, spatio-temporal denoising, color space conversion, ASC CDL compatible shading, detail enhancement, metering tools (histogram, waveform, vector scope), and more, at 3 billion pixels per second
  • Sample-accurate auto-synchronised multi-channel audio recording, streaming and playback (NEW)
  • 2 simultaneous independent real-time live streams right out of our server. Up to 4K H264 or 8K HEVC. (NEW)
  • Builtin SMPTE LTC generator (NEW)
  • Low level API and RESTful web API for integration with automation and interface systems such as AXON cerebrum
360 camera rig
  • Stitchless 360x250 solution (NEW)
  • Or unique double-full spherical and custom designs with best-in-class stitching.
  • Real time live 6K multi-cam VR
  • Broadcast integration and 24/7 reliable operation
  • Simultaneous VR and conventional video production in a single system
  • Fully calibrated, radiometrically and geometrically
  • Rugged black anodised aluminium housing: stays calibrated
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About AZilPix

AZilPix is a spin-off company of Hasselt University and iMinds, founded by Jan Looijmans (CEO), Philippe Bekaert (video capture and processing engine), Michel Dewolf (integration and interfacing), AXON (headquarters, broadcast sales and support) and Arjan Akkermans. Studio.One is the result of know-how gained in 15 years of research and development supported by the European Commision, FWO and VLAIO.